Supply Bay is situated on the western bank of the Tamar River, approximately 30 minutes drive North of Launceston.
The Supply River flows into Supply Bay, and is the site of Tasmania's oldest water driven flour mill (1825 -1888).

The ruins of the mill are still standing today, and can be accessed by a walking track from the Supply River Bridge on the Deviot road between Gravelly Beach and Deviot.
On the southern side of the bay nestles the hamlet of Paper Beach, the home of Supply Bay Design.

Tassie Devil Cigar Box Guitars

All our cigar box guitars are made from genuine cigar boxes and feature Tasmanian oak necks.
They are available either fretted or fretless for slide playing.
Prices will vary dependant on materials used and complexity of build.
These guitars are hand built in Tasmania by Supply Bay Design, and are available exclusively from our retailer, Oatlands Handmade.

$10.00 from the sale of every guitar will go towards saving the Tasmanian Devil.

All guitars are acoustic electric, and come tuned in open G tuning.